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“We would like to recommend Ms Sandra Lim as a Maths Tuition teacher for Primary level.

Thanks to Ms Sandra for being an excellent tutor and personable person. She is very dedicated and well connected to my son. As a result, my son scored a good A for his 2018 PSLE Math! We are most appreciative for the time and effort that she put in especially the last few weeks before the exams.

In our observation, she is a teacher that does not hound and pound but one that builds relationship with the student with mutual respect and offers friendship for better learning. She is easy going and does not nitpick with parents either.

My son’s gradual improvement from a rocky B to a constant n stable grade A in Math had us convinced that we made the right choice for engaging her help.

We have no hesitation in giving Ms Sandra the well deserved recommendation.”

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Jen Ong
Parent of son in Maris Stella Primary 2018.

“Sandra was caring, patient and knowledgeable. Under her guidance, my son’s Maths result improved significantly for PSLE.”

— Mr Chan, Father of Rei (ACS Junior)

“What Teacher Sandra managed with my son, Dylan, is nothing short of a miracle.

He used to detest Math as it was confusing but Teacher Sandra made it simple and fun.

Dylan enjoyed lessons with his tutor and found joy in solving complex math problems.”

— See Ping, Mother of Dylan (Horizon Primary)

“Dear Sandra,

Thank you for teaching Hannah & Jessica.

We are truly grateful for your coaching & guidance, which has shown consistent improvement in their grades over the years. Thank you so much.”

Ivy, Mother of Hannah & Jessica (PLMGPS)

“My son Lim Si Yuan started to lose interest in Maths at school and his grade has been declining in Primary 6 until we managed to get assistance from Ms Sandra Lim as his Maths tutor.

Sandra is a patient and engaging tutor. Not only she provides systematic and progressive study materials, she also introduces her own easy-to-understand solution methods. As a result, my son managed to shore up his maths foundation within a short period of two months. He had regained his interest and confidence in maths, especially solving the problem sums. He also scored an ‘A’ in his PSLE examination. All of these are impossible without the guidance and patience from Sandra.

We have made the right choice getting assistance from Sandra. We are grateful to her.

Thanks, Teacher Sandra.”

— Yours sincerely,
Dr. LIM Ee Meng

“Dear Sandra, it was a great pleasure for us to have engaged you as Joel’s Maths tutor during the last semester last year when he had done badly for his SA1 paper. Joel liked your teaching method. You are able to simplify complex problem sums so that he can understand better on how to approach those questions. Your dedication and all the extra effort you have put in to help Joel is very much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends, colleagues and relatives should their child need a tutor for Maths. Thank you.”

— Mr and Mrs Chong, Parents of Joel (Maris Stella Primary)

“I think Teacher Sandra is an approachable and dedicated tutor whose teaching methods are easy to understand.”

— Julian (St Joseph’s Institution Junior)

“My daughter, Jade, has a very short attention span and is not easy to handle. She has chased away many tutors since she was in Primary 4 as all of them could not handle or tolerate her. Sandra is not only patient, but also has a way of dealing with kids. Somehow, she managed capture Jade’s attention and has seen her through, all the way to her PSLE.”

Rachelle, mother of Jade (Concorde Primary).

“Sandra is a kind teacher and she always helps her students no matter how hard it is. :)”

Kent Leng, (St Andrew’s Primary).

“Ms Sandra is a great teacher. She is patient and does not hesitate to help her students. As her student, I was able to score As for my Science, Mathematics and English. Ms Sandra is always confident in her students in scoring well in their exams and she would usually encourage her students to work hard and have faith in themselves. Ms Sandra is also a hardworking teacher and is able to cope with students regardless of how much trouble they give her.”

— Brendon Lim, (Nanyang Primary).

“Sandra is indeed a very patient teacher despite the troubles that my son always gives her. She was able to deal with him properly and make sure he concentrates during her lessons. Sandra is able to cater to his way of learning, ensuring that he picks up the concepts in the most effective way. Likewise, I’m really thankful that Sandra is able to accommodate to my son’s busy schedule and able to find time to give him make-up classes even though she has a busy schedule so that he doesn’t miss out on what he needs to learn for that week. Thanks Sandra for all the hard work you’ve put in my son. All the best in your future endeavours!”

— Mrs Lim, mother of Brendon (Nanyang Primary).

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